Zazendi, USA Office

Zazendi Inc, is a company that focuses on travel accessories for the woman who appreciates traveling in style. As the company motto expresses: The art of travel is all in the details.

Founded in 2000, the company might better be titled No more ziplock bags-pack smart and travel pretty. Founded by Susan Fisher, an global traveler for both business and pleasure, it came to pass that each time a ziplock bag was called for, it became a reason to design a new product for the Zazendi line. There are cosmetic bags for weekend length trips, and cosmetic bags for month long trips. There is a bag for brushes, shampoos, lotions and portable hairdryers-affectionately named The Doppette, having been inspired by her son’s Dopp kit; and there is even a bag for a wet bathing suit!




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New York, NY US

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