Yossi Harari

Born in Israel and raised in both Israel and Turkey, Yossi Harari grew up constantly surrounded by many fine objects and environments to delight his senses. At the age of eleven, Yossi designed his first piece of jewelry - he redesigned a diamond ring for his mother. Yossi later received his formal training and degrees in Gemology and Jewelry Design form The Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles and in History of Arts form Tel Aviv University.In 1992, Yossi opened his factory store in Istanbul where his works are still being created and in 1998, Yossi opened his first gallery in Tel Aviv. Yossi has designed jewelry made of a variety of metals, inspired by the spectacular influences of the region from which he comes.

Handcrafted Just like the archeological jewelry that inspired this collection, each piece is completely handcrafted - each clasp - each bead- each bezel - using techniques from over 2,000 years ago. This human-touch enhances the feel and look of antiquity inherent in this collection.Unique Because each element of gold is handcrafted and each gemstone or cameo or ancient coin is carefully handpicked, no two pieces in the collection are ever exactly alike. This makes the pleasure of choosing or wearing a Yossi Harari design a truly unique and individual experience.Pure Gold 24-karat gold is the muse for and the basis of this collection. The intense yellow color reminds us of the spectacular archeological jewels found in museums worldwide.Timeless Marrying the exotic and classically feminine designs of Byzantine and Etruscan jewelry, with his modern, chic and whimsical style, Yossi makes each piece in this collection accessible, wearable and contemporary.Playful Jewelry has never been this elegant and individual, as well as so much fun. Wear a five strand choker with the clasp in front, or doubled as a bracelet. Put the same pendant on a 24-karat gold beaded necklace or wire - and change your look completely. The alluring versatility and attraction of the collection is clear in the numerous ways women find to playfully wear the jewelry - necklaces with the same type of clasp can be linked together and wrapped as chokers, multi-strand necklaces, lariats, bracelets, belly chains or anklets.





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