Wolf Form Company

Wolf Form Company, Inc.has been manufacturing garment fitting forms since the early 1900’s. In those years, the female shape has changed and evolved as each new “look” came into fashion. Wolf Forms have constantly kept pace with these fashion trends, intrepreting and incorporating them into every Wolf Form.

The best available materials are used in the manufacturing of Wolf Forms, but the most important element in the construction of the Wolf Form is it accuracy. Each form is individually molded by hand to specific dimensions and contours, every seam is symmetrically proportioned, every form is the closet replica to the human shape - all this accomplished with craftmanship based upon many years of skilled and intricate experience.

WecreateStandard and Custom Handmade forms manufactured extensively for designers, manufactures, fashion schools and the private indivdual for over 100 years. We are a international leader in in our industry. We ship high quality forms world wide. Refurbishing and restoring services are also available. All Students welcome, Student discountsare available.


Children, Womens, Mens


Dress Forms, Mannequins, Fixtures




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