WGSN Group

WGSN is the leading online global service providing research, trend analysis and news to the fashion, design and style industries. Aug 2014 StyleSight merged with WGSN.

Launched in early 1998, WGSN is viewed as the most dynamic and successful service to emerge online.

WGSN’s scope is global. Its 200-strong team of creative and editorial staff travels extensively on behalf of subscribers and works with a network of experienced writers, photographers, researchers, analysts and trendspotters in cities around the world, tracking the latest stores, designers, brands, trends and business innovations.

Major international companies subscribe annually to WGSN, giving them access to all the latest international style intelligence. The service is also used by many other related industries requiring research, analysis and news, combined with extensive intelligence on emerging style trends.


Designer, Bridge, Better, Moderate, Budget


Children, Womens, Mens

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130 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor

New York, NY US

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Toll Free 877-277-9476

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AirW1, 2nd Floor, 20 Air Street

London, GB

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