WeSC is a street fashion brand for intellectual slackers. WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy symbolizes what WeSC as a company represents; a group, a family of good and competent people working towards the same ideal and goals. WeSC is not merely a brand in the fashion industry, but rather a company within the skateboard culture. We create street fashion, clothing with roots in a subculture that sets its own rules and follows its own trends. The company was founded on January 7th 2000, our official Day of The Superlative Conspiracy. The founders are all avid skateboarders and snowboarders.The idea was to create a street fashion brand, a brand that represented street fashion not streetwear. We felt that the purpose contained more than just t-shirts and jeans, a broader selection for men and women. None of what we wanted to achieve was to be found in the distribution network that we related to. Today WeSC is available in more than 20 countries around the world. WeSC is addressing people with awareness, regardless of race, religion or financial background. These people all share the values and lifestyle of the WeSC founders. We deliver life after skate, a more developed style that also targets people outside the skateboard community, but still shares its values. The particular We-feeling and community feeling in the skateboard culture is an ever present important key element in day to day operations of the company.Superlative Conspiracy is the foundation for the entire company; its the idea and philosophy behind the company. One of the most important components of the Superlative Conspiracy is our Weactivists. A Weactivist is someone that is extremely good at what they do, world famous or totally unknown. Someone that has a streetwise mentality, that chooses his or her own path with a humble persona. A Weactivist is an informal ambassador that flys the flag of the Superlative Conspiracy in a variety of subcultures such as skate, music, film, art and so on. Our unique partnership with the Weactivists is sometimes tight and sometimes loose. WeSC loves to be challenged and wants to constantly seek out creative partnerships to grow the pond accordingly.Its unparalleled image and brand building tactics make WeSC stand out from the rest.




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