We are an Independent Clothing company focusing on the creation of superior t-shirts. The t-shirt has made a steady decline since the seventies, similiar to mainstream music, but we are determined to make t-shirts softer and better designed than anyone else in the industry. We refuse to put a corny joke or logo on one of our shirts. We must ask ourselves why our mainstream culture’s taste is so poor and not join in for financial rewards but rather adamantly resist and promote culture and design art that we know is truly beautiful and honest. Our Classic Vintage style t-shirt is considered to be one of the softest, best designed t-shirts in the world. Made with ultra-high thin thread count ring-spun combed cotton and soft based polyester with special softening agents added to the fabric after it has been woven. Unlike regular combed cotton, the more you wash this t-shirt, the softer it will get.


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