W29 Showroom

W29 Showroom is devoted to emerging designers from New York and around the world. The ideas, styles and inspiration cultivated within this 1500 square-foot loft space represent the international energy at the heart of New York City’s past and its future. W29 represents designers from Iceland, Italy, Japan, Sweden & USA.

W29 Showroom represents fourteen collections, including four winners of the prestigious GenArt Fresh Faces award. The showroom includes apparel lines, accessories and a fragrance line. W29 offers guidance to designers in conceptualizing and merchandising their collections, assists in look-book production, helps organize fashion shows and stages seasonal open-house events for the press.

W29 Showroom travels twice a year to meet with West Coast buyers in Los Angeles, and participates in national tradeshows. Press and sales are seamlessly intertwined to provide both commercial and branding benefits for the clients.

The showroom is dedicated to fresh talent, and its mission is connecting this talent to the most prestigious boutiques and department stores around the country, and around the world.


Womens, Mens


Designer, Bridge, Better



208 West 29th Street Suite 201

New York, NY US

Main 212.563.0613

Fax 646.349.2095