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One of the first things you may notice when looking at a Hickey Freeman suit is the elegance and finesse of the fabric. Textiles from the finest mills of Italy and Great Britain are woven from rich, lustrous yarns of wool and silk. The textures, patterns and colors are designed to ensure the distinctive, exclusive look that is Hickey Freeman’s hallmark.

Canvas Front Construction

Hickey Freeman uses the finest canvas for interlinings. Comprised of wool, cotton and goat hair, the canvas front is an exclusive light-weight construction that adds lasting shape and body to the coat front without the heavy stiffness of lesser quality canvas.

The hallmark of quality in a Hickey Freeman garment is immediately noticed in the graceful way the coat lapel rolls and in the way the coat front hugs the chest like a second skin.

Bemberg Lining

Hickey Freeman coats are lined with Bemberg lining the “gold standard” of linings.

Bemberg is a fabric milled from short cotton fibers. It will not fade or shrink. Bemberg lining combines the soft, smooth feeling of silk with the easy care and absorbency of cotton.


While high quality fabrics and trimmings are pre-shrunk at the mill, Hickey Freeman subjects these products to a second conditioning process to ensure predictable, uniform behavior throughout manufacturing and the life of the garment.

Re-conditioning of fabrics, thread, pocketing, and interlining assures you of long-lasting comfort, fit, and appearance.


The Hickey Freeman undercollar interlining is made of fine Irish linen.

It is “married” to the undercollar cloth, a woven wool flannel (not a pressed “felt”). As a result, the interlining has resilience and body characteristics that are transferred to the coat collar.

The undercollar is made of two parts, rather than one, to ensure an easy, natural “hug” to the curve of the neck.

Silk Thread

Most sewing operations are accomplished with silk thread. Silk provides strength, elasticity, and “memory” (it returns to its original length after being stretched) plus reliable color brilliance and fastness. Silk gives seams a soft, thin, and flexible characteristic while holding up to the constant stresses of daily wear, dry cleanings and pressings.


Turned from the horns of the water buffalo and Mother-of-Pearl shells, Hickey Freeman’s buttons offer durability and a richness of color and texture that are unmatched by man-made materials.

Hand Pressing

Hand pressing sets the fit, style and appearance of each coat. Linings, darts, outside pockets, side seams, shoulder seams, front edges and facings are hand pressed by experienced pressers.

Hand Tailoring

The buttonholes of a Hickey Freeman coat are hand sewn with long-wear silk thread over a fine twist-free linen gimp. Hand-sewn buttonholes yield durability with a soft, flexible feel.

Hickey Freeman’s list of hand tailoring includes: Hand-fitted armhole and shoulder settings. Hand fitted vents. Hand sewn buttonholes and bar tacks. Neck hanger. Micro-hand-stitched label. Pressing and finishing of linings. Side and shoulder seams. Pockets. Collar corner and vent felling. All ensure that each and every garment achieves that perfect feel, the precise fit, and the lasting impression that makes a Hickey Freeman feel like a second skin.


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