Votre Nom

Paris, synonymous with couture, chic boutiques and stylish women admired the world over, is where Votre Nom… made its debut as a collection in 1989. Its creator, Charly Marciano, was one of the first to recognize that women want a combination of refined tailoring, excellent quality and great value. So he created Votre Nom…, sportswear that combines French savoir-faire with American flair.

Despite the competition, Votre Nom… has established a global presence. More than 1200 specialty stores, 10 free-standing shops in France and 7 freestanding shops abroad - including a flagship in Beverly Hills, California - carry the Votre Nom… label. Admirers include journalists, actresses and musicians who love the sexy, confident, modern look that Votre Nom… captures each season.




Sportswear, Outerwear




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