Visuals In Motion. FastFit360

FastFit360 is the world’s only 360 degree digital interactive view of a product that can be annotated and instantly viewed by every partner around the globe. The easy to use Cloud interface allows samples to be approved in region without the need to ship until it is perfect in every way. Capture with the FastFit Studio or upload jpegs for Online communication.

FastFit360 provides retailers, brands, vendors and suppliers alike the ability to view product 360 degrees through Online collaboration which in turn reduces the cost of bringing product to market. Imagine the first sample being done right, and never shipped, until it is perfect.

The goal is to enable workers in different time zones, who speak different languages, to collaborate visually. FastFit360, not only slashes the time and cost of shipping product samples around the world, but also cuts down the number of physical samples that are required.


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