Victoria Buckley

nspiration for many of these designs has been drawn from reading early grail myths and fairytales. Victoria Buckley was captivated by the sense of poetry and richness of this early time and how these stories have a vivid connection with jewellery.

From the very beginning of Victoria Buckley Jewellery in 1992, Victoria has worked with rose gold and engraved words. Her 1992 Posy Ring range sparked a strong revival of the historical inscription genre, but her designs remain distinctive and beyond trends.

The delicate flowing lines of Victoria’s designs suit the soft glow of rose gold, and she also works with gemstones, and all the precious metals. Work can purchased online and bought from our large range instore. We gladly accept commissions, and will design pieces to suit your requirements.

Artist’s statement- Victoria Buckley

“As a child I’d sit alone carving bark from the playground into fantastic creatures. Ants were my audience, and sometimes bees would dance on my hands. Once, when I moved too fast,I was stung. I cried because I’d been clumsy and betrayed the bee. I resolved to be more careful with my hands and my thoughts from then on. I’d proudly carry my created treasures home in my pocket, to find them disintegrated into dust. I learned to carry them instead in my mind. Now 20 years later those creatures are clamouring to be free. I carry the ghosts of little creatures, and they all have rich stories to tell.

As well as with tiny sparks of life, I’m fascinated by large scale natural phenomena, such as stars. All life is from a star, and we are made of star dust. A crucifix pendant is not the only way of showing a belief in the spiritual. My Star designs were created as a subtle way of expressing an appreciation for the source of all life. It’s a designer’s role to expand our range of symbols. The meaning shouldn’t be too literal or obvious- and above all, it’s personal. Symbols like the star encapsulate what I love about jewellery. I don’t really understand fully what a star, or a fairy tale, or medieval lettering mean to me, but I feel meaning and beauty in them. Jewellery designing and goldsmithing is demanding and precise, but it’s never work. It’s pure delight in life. I’m incredibly fortunate to have found my great passion, and hope to light that candle in the heart of others.”

New Victoria Buckley Jewellery store

We are moving to a larger shop on level 1 of The Strand arcade May 2007. Big opening party planned, so make sure you keep your mailing list details up to date!

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