Victor Gros

Victor Gros is a company that has been directed by 5 generations of the same family.

It has been created in 1872 by Edouard Gros first and was then dedicated to the production of hair ornments and fashion accessories. In 1930 Victor Gros starts the production of optical frames.

In 1979, Thierry Gros moves to the direction of Victor Gros and starts in 1985 the Traction Productions’s collection.

The name Traction comes from a famous street of downtown Los Angeles Traction Avenue where the new upcoming young artists and movie producers get together.

The collection is made from three brands, Traction Productions, Traxion X, and Traction Lab.

Traction Productions is the main collection of Victor Gros.

Traxion X is a masculine trend destinated to a high-end market.

Tration Lab is a laboratory of fresh creation of affordable eyewear. It applies to peoples that want to change often glasses at attractives prices.

The inspiration of Traction combines Californian modernity and French refinement in the objective to create unique eyeframes.

The ideas of the creation are the product of a permanent exchange between Los Angeles and Paris, from this, Victor Gros always anticipate the avant-gardiste tastes of his customers.

Traction is an association of shapes ans colors without any restriction, these glasses are not a simple remedy to the vision problems, they have also the vocation to dress the face on the same basis that a luxury accessory.

In a constant research of harmony with the faces, Victor creates glasses to make a great look without changing personality, they get inspired from l’air du temps of California, New York and Europe.

The aesthetic of rupture, in which the company fits, permits it to win different price of creation at several times in France, Italy and Northern Europe countries. Victor Gros is also two Traction shops in Paris, rue du Dragon in the sixth district and Galerie Vivienne in the second district. In more of these two shops, Traction is distributed in many optical stores in France and throughout the world.


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