Ulla Maija Couture

Anna Maier, Ulla-Maija is a couturier in the true sense of the word.

Ulla-Maija is a design driven business, where “line” is the most important element of design. The beauty and expression of our client is the single intention of the line we draw. Every design begins with a sketch. By virtue of our manufacturing approach, we have great freedom in the line we create. We choose fabric and technique to make the line a reality.

Draping is a technique that softly, and at times dramatically, expresses the line. We excel at it because we design to our vision and are not constricted by what our vision would require of production. We require that production satisfies the purest expression of the design. It is commonplace for us to hand drape and baste our designs more than once during the production process. This is a requirement of draping. This is the requirement of soft and dramatic lines. Beyond our fabrics and trims, this freedom to make what we imagine is our luxury.




Couture, Designer





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