Twin Dragon Marketing Showroom

Twin Dragon Marketing Inc. is a multinational textile manufacturer specializing in denim textiles, innovative denim washing and pioneering fashion fabric trends. Established in 1980, TD is headquartered in the current global denim capital, Los Angeles, California.

Twin Dragon Marketing is internationally recognized in the textile and denim markets for its passionate dedication to superior product QUALITY and customer-conscience SERVICE & LOGISTICS. Twin Dragon has an annual global production capacity for over 80 million square yards in Mexico, China, and Taiwan, as well as Pakistan and Africa.

In partnerships with innovative laundries and manufactures, we provide our customers with advanced washing technologies and expert product development. Our product developments go through strict quality control testing and aspire to be the enhancement to our customer’s brand. With our wide range of customers in mind, we aim to ensure our fabrics cover the needs of both the premium denim brands as well as many major retailers.


Womens, Mens


Synthetic, Natural, Woven




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