Truck Jeans

We proudly manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A. at our own state of the art manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality products our customers demand. Everything from design, pattern, cutting, sewing, washing, finishing to delivery is done in-house to maximize efficiency, productivity and quality control. This is how we have been able to enjoy many years of wonderful business relationships with many world-class apparel retailers and manufacturers. Along with superior qualities and innovative designs, each and every piece of Truck Jeans garment is made with care and unique touches not often seen in today’s age of low cost production. This high quality concept boasts premium denim fabrics with unique washes, finishes and quality controls that are sure to satisfy all denim lovers. With our long and successful business concept of providing Classic American Denim Lifestyle to our customers and after more than five years in business with steady growth in popularity, Truck Jeans products can now be found in many popular stores throughout United States and Canada. Truck Jeans is fully capable and ready to meet all of the product development needs by customizing creative designs, fits, fabrics and washes.








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