Tri Princeton

TRI/Princeton, founded in 1930 as the Textile Research Institute, is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves clients in industry, government, and academia throughout the United States and abroad. Though originally established to assist the textile industry in staying competitive, over the decades, TRI has extended its expertise to provide advanced research and education in polymers, fibers, films, human hair, and porous materials with special strengths in: ? Surface Science Microstructure and Nanostructure Characterization Solid-Liquid Interactions Fluid Flow in Porous Media Process-Structure-Property Relationships Modeling of Sorption and Transport Phenomena Instrument Development Professional Education ProgramsFor more than seven decades, we have proven that we have the people, tools, and technology to accomplish the Institutes’s central mission, to enhance the technology-based competitiveness of our corporate participants by improving their productivity. TRI’s commitment to superior research has attracted many renowned corporations to participate in our research programs, offering a unique opportunity for companies worldwide to develop a competitive edge in a highly challenging global market. The energy, expertise, and continuing quest for excellence of the people at TRI have provided a rich heritage for the institute’s first 75 years of operation. These qualities are the keys to our continued success and growth in the future.



601 Prospect Avenue

Princeton, NJ US