Totes Isotoner Corp

totes ISOTONER Corporation, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest marketer of umbrellas, gloves, rainwear, rubber overshoes, and other weather-related accessories. We recently added the ESNY brand to our Family.

Founded in 1910, the Aris Glove Company originally manufactured fine quality leather gloves and knit accessories in Europe and later in the United States. In the early 1970’s, Aris developed a glove made from nylon/spandex fabric with leather trim. The glove was marketed under the ISOTONER name combining the terms isometric and toning to reflect the 4-way stretch and massaging properties. The ISOTONER glove was a major success for the company. Aris changed its name to ARISISOTONER, Incorporated and in 1969 became a subsidiary of Consolidated Foods, now the Sara Lee Corporation. Based on the success of the ISOTONER women’s gloves, ISOTONER men’s gloves were introduced, and ISOTONER slippers were created.




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