American designer Amy Smilovic knew what direction her career should take after moving to Hong Kong in 1997. Soon after leaving a successful marketing career at American Express in Manhattan and arriving in exotic Asia, Amy began designing a line of brilliant little dresses based on her inspirations while traveling abroad. According to Amy, “Naivet and an absolute love of pretty things has been my best asset so far…I’ve not been constrained by what’s not possible and I simply design the line around what’s absolutely smashing and what I know I would wear. Everything in the line must pass the ‘casual chic’ test. If an outrageous silk jersey dress doesn’t look incredibly smart with a little leather jacket, then the design goes straight out the window. I love details and frills on my skirts, but they’ve got to pair wonderfully with a tiny tee or the outfit doesn’t work for my lifestyle.”Amy’s designer lifestyle takes her to a new and far away destination each season to design for the next collection. She’s traveled to far away lands for inspiration; from the sandy beaches of Bali, the tribal cultures of New Zealand, the bustling streets of Singapore, the lemon groves of Capri, and the haunting skyline of Prague.





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