Theory is a company, a concept, a philosophy, an aesthetic, a style, and a product 1. Theory is a phenomenon that spun out of great fitting pants 2. Theory is a brand that doesn’t look to the future - Theory creates the future 3. Theory is Passion, People, Product, and Profitability 4. Ask our customers about their favorite fitting pants, the perfect shirt, the jacket they throw on over everything…theyll tell you “Its Theory.” Passion 1. Is the force that drives us to evolve our brand, our product, and ourselves 2. Passion keeps us true to our beliefs in quality, innovation and intelligence 3. Our passion is expressed in our uncompromising commitment to our product, our people and our message 4. Passionate is how people feel in our clothes and about our clothes 5. Our clothes change the way people feel about themselves. People 1. We are a band of aesthetic insiders 2. We love style, luxury, and simplicity 3. We are visionary, strategic, and sometimes deliberately unconventional 4. We invest in peoples strengths, encourage personal growth, and create team environments where people succeed 5. We are a global organization united by a shared vision. Product 1. Its about the fit and the fabrics 2. Its about feeling sexy and confident in clothing that fits you 3. Its about dressing with a point of view 4. Its about luxury, quality, simplicity and integrity 5. Its about clothing that works into every aspect of our customers lifestyle 6. Season after season its about evolving what we do, not re-inventing it. Profitability 1. Its not only about making money, its about making a difference 2. Theory invests in the lives of our employees, in our relationships with our partners, and in our connection with our customers 3. We manage our resources with discipline and focus on our long term objectives 4. We measure success by return for our investors, synergies with our partners, the enthusiasm of our employees, and loyalty from our customers.


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