Thea Grant

Thea Grant, the jewelry collection, is a collaboration in design and exploration of artistic form by Thea Grant and Nicols Bazzani. A Brooklyn local, Grant founded the company in 2003 after experiencing repeated success with her designs on the runway. In 2005 Grant was joined by her partner and husband, Nicols Bazzani. Trained in art and industrial design at first in his native Bogot, and then graced with a Masters in Product Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, Bazzani brought his talents in design of three-dimensional forms, his strong graphic sensibilities and his own perception of the Brooklyn fashion scene to bear on the growing collection, which has come to include a sterling based unisex sub-collection.United by the strong ideologies of both Grant and Bazzani, and perceived as a vanguard of worn decoration, the Thea Grant jewelry collections integrate often wildly dissonant and unexpected objects that challenge the tradition of jewelry wearing. The designs often tread a fine line between costume and fine jewelry, and are ornament as much as allegory.The jewelry that Grant and Bazzani create is distinctive-each piece is one of a kind and is approached like a constructivist sculpture. Draped on a mannequin and then built with attention to theme and form, each piece is appended with the vintage objects, fobs, curios and charms that catch their eye as they trove New York and beyond. Their materials range from vintage brass to sterling to gold and result in effects ranging from rock’n’roll to delicately gothic.The Thea Grant collection has found success both on local, national and international levels. The jewelry has been photographed for an ongoing host of magazines and can be found draped around the necks and wrists of the renowned in film, music, and the arts.







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