The Natori Company

Since 1977, The Natori Company has been turning the world of fashion inside out. What began as a single embroidered nightshirt shown in Josie Natori’s apartment has become three sought-after labels of lingerie - Natori, Josie and Cruz, a collection of otherworldly accessories and an uncommon aesthetic. The Natori lifestyle mixes the meanings of innerwear and outerwear, daywear and eveningwear absolutely seamlessly. Synonymous with luxury, it is a world where fine lines and discriminating details abound.

Often described as operating well outside of the rules, founder and CEO Josie Natori has a mind, and a vision, all her own. Her ingenuity surfaced at a young age - she played classical piano with a full symphony orchestra at nine - and has since become her signature. In 1975, Natori became the first female vice president of investment banking at Merrill Lynch while wearing miniskirts, midis and the like. Her unorthodox approach culminated the moment she walked away from a well-appointed position on Wall Street to sell exquisitely hand-embroidered nightshirts from her native Philippines.

Outspoken and animated, Natori has cultivated a designer name and image for her lines that women have come to recognize and emulate. She has also imbued each brand with her singularly discretionary eye. “I was raised to believe that I could do anything. From a young age I was taught to make my own way in the world,” she says of her accomplishments.

Ken Natori, Josie’s husband and co-chairman of The Natori Company, was managing director of Shearson Lehman until 1985 when he joined his wife as business partner. Since then, The Natori Company has successfully combined the artistry of the Philippines with sophisticated silhouettes to create three brands, each with a texture, price range and clientele of its own. Together, they appeal to shoppers at department stores and specialty stores alike in fifteen countries around the world.

The Natori collection of lingerie and daywear draws on painterly prints, whispering laces and luxurious details to create its alluring appeal. Completely current and always approachable, Natori’s exquisite fabrics and svelte silhouettes speak to the woman with a well-heeled sensibility. And, through a licensing agreement with Dana-Co, Natori foundations echo her polished look.

Josie translates this upscale aesthetic to a contemporary customer with a yen for curvy, outspoken silhouettes. From tempting lace camisoles to gregarious two-piece sets, the world of Josie is expressed in fashionable colors, signature prints and ooh-la-la cuts with an accent on eyecatching detail.

Cruz was launched in 2001 to bring style and intrigue to a mid-price-range sensibility. It embraces color and comfort in a full range of daywear and lingerie that is always engaging, of-the-moment and well put together. Original prints and special trims have helped secure it a place in the market for years to come.

The Natori Company employs a thousand people at its manufacturing plant in the Philippines and utilizes manufacturing facilities in Turkey, China and Italy as well. Kefco, the private-label division, has brought wider distribution to the company and continues to broaden its already worldwide reach, helping to create countless opportunities for the future.

With a staff of over a hundred in the United States, the Natori Company operates its showroom at 40 East 34th Street and its design and merchandising departments nearby at 180 Madison Avenue. Its distribution center is located in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Natori distributes its under-wares all about the US through major high-end department stores such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

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180 Madison Avenue Suite 18

New York, NY US

Main 212.532.7796

Fax 212.481.7282


180 Madison Avenue Suite 18

New York, NY US

Main 212.532.7796

Fax 212.481.7282