The Ground Crew

The ground crew provides the most experienced professional in the fashion industry.

Introducing new fashions, hosting an extravagant event or just desiring success? You’ve only got one chance to get it right. Let the ground crew help for that smooth runway take off! We have the most experienced: Dressers & stylists, Pressers & Steamers, Seamstresses & tailors, Callers & Fitters, Directors & stage managers, makeup artists & hairstylists, runners, packers, movers & unpackers & other professional referrals as needed. After 20 years, the ground crew has handled it all! Prepared for any problem, any time schedule, any reasonable request. We’ll be there right on time and stay until we’ve packed and moved you out. And, yes, we handle photo shoots and special events.


Womens, Mens



15 West 55th Street PH2

New York, NY US

Main 212.245.0183

Fax 212.977.3450