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Designer Tara Boone combines her flair for fashion and her philosophy that “fashion should be fun” into a contemporary collection of handbags, wallets and cosmetic cases created from Tara’s original artwork.”Fashion is supposed to make you feel good about yourself and laughter is the best fashion.” Her unique designs inspire her customers to have fun in life and feel happy. Tara designed her collection with this in mind. Her fun, sophisticated collection features brightly colored prints on microfiber with sumptuous leather trims. Tara is always developing new products…Wallets in microfiber and leather are introduced- with 5 different styles! Two new leathers are introduced, they are truly scrumptious! The Sponged Silver leather is as soft as suede and sparkles in the light. It also has a hint of gold in color. The Black Broken leather is fashioned after having a vintage handbag, so loved that the leather is cracking. (Don’t be alarmed, it is supposed to look like that! That is why it is called, “broken” leather.) They both have that loved forever look- It is how Tara feels about her latest collection!




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