Teresa Graham, founder and designer of TALULAH bags and accessories is a former international fashion model, and graduate of the Masters Program at the Royal College of Art in London.Teresa has a unique approach to design an impeccable sense of color come from her experience traveling, studying, painting, and working with world famous designers. She began her career working with such industry leaders as Bill Blass, Giorgio de Sant Angelo, Zandra Rhodes, Dior, Andre Laug, Gianni Versace, and Galanos. As a top fashion model, Teresa traveled the world absorbing images and ideas from a wide range of cultures. She emerged with an enormous wealth of information and unique experience from which all her ideas draw.In 1995, Teresa became chief designer responsible for creative merchandising and designing home furnishings for Dream House Home and Gardens of Bantam, CT. In 1999, Teresa was invited by retail icon Lynn Manulis - daughter of retail genius and fashion legend Martha Phillips - to design a special millennium at home collection of elegant fashions to be introduced and showcased at the fabulous Marth Boutique in Palm Beach. The Talulah collection was exclusively chosen to be featured in the famous boutiques windows to herald the new designers future as “the look” of the new millennium. Thus, Teresa first collection was successfully launched and very well received by a wide range of very savvy customers. Designed specifically to meet the needs of todays passionate, world class, fun loving woman.




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