Name: Rich Radenbaugh Years designing: 5 Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA Why I love L.A.: The women Why I hate L.A.: The women Drink of Choice: Kettle Soda or Budweiser. For inspiration, I: Watch friends work on their art. Although they work in different industries, I pull aspects of design from them. Im listening to: Andrew Bird, Badly Drawn Boy and Joseph Arthur. In the car, I: Yell outrageously at the dumb bastards that cant drive. Top designers: J. Lindeberg and Marc Jacobs. TV: Animation. At night, I: Party. Diet or Regular: Regular Left or Right: If I go left and you go right, then who left who and who is right? Id like to meet: Anyone who wears Suemi. I make it a point to introduce myself to everyone I see wearing my rings and say hello. Pet Peeve: When people act like they are better than you. Best place to people watch is: At the waterfront in Venice with a couple of Heffenweizens in hand. Best Movies: Punch Drunk Love, Walk The Line Getaway: Mammoth Dream Job: Basically what Im doing right now. I couldnt see myself doing anything else until Suemi goes platinum literally.


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