Stacey Lapidus

Stacey Lapidus Designs Handbags and Jewelry with Her Own Signature Style.

Stacey Lapidus, known for her unique style and charm, has spent the last ten years in the fashion and accessories industry, always with an eye towards designing her own signature collection. Her vast knowledge of accessories has given her the distinct ability to forecast trends. Her designs, much like her personality, stand for individual style, versatility, and sophistication.Accessories are my passion. I wanted to create distinct pieces that are versatile and luxurious, yet affordable. Stacey LapidusWith the launch of her eponymous handbag and jewelry collections for Fall 2005, Lapidus long-term goals were realized. The handbag collection is founded on a clear vision to create both everyday and evening bags that exude an understated luxury. Using soft, distressed leathers and contrasting them with casual, brightly colored fabrics, the collection possesses enduring appeal for the woman who embraces fashion and dresses with a style that appears effortless. Handbags are adorned with intricate crystal beading, hardware and finely detailed embellishments. While classic, they resist tradition by infusing a fun, feminine feel.Her jewelry collection, featuring necklace scarves, bracelets and bangles, evolved from Lapidus appreciation of antique jewelry. She employs the same refined sensibility and attention to detail as she does with her handbags, to create unexpected blends of delicate crystals paired with fabrics such as velvet, silk and chiffon–a celebration of pure modern luxury. Created for women who embrace fashion in a manner that is playful and stylish, while infusing the classic with the unexpected, Lapidus converges antique artistry, refined luxury and contemporary attitude.Stacey Lapidus exudes sophistication and fashion, being an insider in the world of fashion accessories. Graduating from FIT in 1996 with a degree in merchandising, soon after, Lapidus began working at Kate Spade as an assistant in product development and production. During this time, she freelanced with top New York stylists on various celebrity and editorial projects. Following this, she began her five year tenure as the Fashion Accessories Editor at Vanity Fair, which gave her the ability to pull inspiration from all aspects of her professional and personal experiences. Lapidus worked directly with top accessories designers where she garnered insight on all facets of the industry. Lapidus collection is a true reflection not only of her design beliefs, but of her lifestyle overall.Please use our Store Locator for the location of a specialty boutique or department store, near you, that carries Staceys collections. We also hope you will join Staceys e-mail list so we can tell you about Staceys new collections and other newsworthy happenings.


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