Sparta Luxe LLC

We are a “One Stop Shop” for all your Active Wear needs. We have been in Active wear business since 1983 and can provide service from concept to finish including manufacturing of your products.

Sparta Luxe, LLC owner, one of the first members of the American Apparel Producers Networks (AAPN), has relationships with hundreds of apparel manufacturers. These relationships means that Sparta can supply practically any type of apparel and textile products, and pass along to their clients a significant cost savings.

As apparel manufacturing experts, the Sparta Luxe team can take samples or specification sheets and tech packs and provide customers with counter samples; improve existing products; and help them save money in the production cost for bulk production runs. We can do small productions and large bulk production runs, year after year if needed.


Better, Moderate, Budget


Children, Womens, Mens


Knits, Activewear


9005 Red Branch Road

Columbia, MD US

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