Smooch Inc

Introducing an exciting new style of jeans and a special new company! Smooch Inc’s “Van Jewells” are “A New Angle on Jeans” They’re made with the highest quality denim, beautifully tailored for the sexiest possible fit, and finished with the softest, silkiest washes. The style is so unique its been trademarked. Fantastic, original and fresh accessories are also amazing. All of our products are adorned with our smile provoking logo, which represents hearts coming together, lips and a smile, all at the same time! Smooch Inc. is not just about great jeans and accessories. Our passion is to make a difference! To create and spread positive energy throughout the world! 10% of Smooch Inc’s profits are donated to music education, so that all children will be exposed to the positive “vibe”; and to environmental causes, to protect our planet and its people. Positive energy is transmitted by our thoughts. So remember “Smooch’s Law”: “Whatever can go right, will go right!” As long as you are patient and stay positive, “Smooch’s Law” will be true for you!

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