Sigrid Olsen

Sigrid Olsen, an artist by trade, brings her respect for natures inherent beauty to the bold colors and distinctive prints of the fashion label that bears her name. Sigrids independent spirit and first-hand understanding of womens busy lives affords her a unique perspective on designing for women today. We lead complex lives, explains Sigrid. Living with beauty should be simple.

The combination of Sigrids sensitivity to design and the artistic styling found in her trademark novelty prints and knitwear have helped the company grow beyond her wildest imagination. It is through this designers eye that we understand fashion as an art form. I want my training as an artist to come through in my designs, says Sigrid.

The company continues to expand its presence with SIGRID OLSEN retail stores nationwide. Our advertising campaigns can be seen in magazines such as Oprah, InStyle, Town and Country, Elle, Real Simple and Travel & Leisure.




Jewelry, Handbags & Luggage



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Los Angeles, CA US

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