Based in Portugal, SICI93 is a high quality manufacturer of knitted fashion wear specially targeted to the high-end market, working closely and effectively with some of the most prestigious fashion houses and designers in the world.

We are more than a supplier; we are a partner, which is why we’re forerunners in our industry. Our vision, our people and our expertise allow for the success trifecta – premium garments, on-time delivery and unparalleled service.

Our customers are no typical customers. By working with the biggest names in the fashion industry we are bound to be challenged and put to the test. Rising above expectations and aiming for the best has paid off with some of our garments being chosen by artists, performers and other widely acclaimed figures of the entertainment world.

For over 20 years SICI93 has demonstrated a strong resilience, dedication and determination, and thankfully outstanding growth and success.


Designer, Bridge, Better


Children, Womens, Mens


Sportswear, Knits, Activewear


Rua das Austrálias 1, Gondizalves

Braga, PT

Main +351 253 605 210