Shakti Activewear

When she spent next nine weeks in a hot, sweaty room teaching Yoga in Los Angeles and needed to wear something in between a bathing suit and an aerobic fitness outfit, Ana came up with several colorful little side string shorts and tops to wear. Since the first day of training her colleagues complimented her outfits. Some asked, knowing about Gold Rio Swimwear, if they could buy some outfits from her. That inspired Ana to consider a yoga wear line as most people at that time were still wearing long dark pants in a 100 degree yoga room. I looked around everyday and thought; this room would look much better if people were wearing more colorful and comfortable outfits.

I know that other companies have been inspired to make similar outfits (some are making exactly the same designs and even present themselves as a line similar to Shakti). What a compliment! I’m proud to say that if you buy Shakti Activewear you are buying the original. And I promise that I will always try come up with new ideas, designs, styles and fun colors so you can bend, stretch, sweat, live and most of all to grow in your yoga path.


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