Senada Theory

A fusion of vintage romance, ethnic charm, and savvy street style, our designs are both feminine and cutting-edge. Drawing from everyday life, we transform ordinary elements into something totally new. An old ceramics’ design becomes exquisite embroidery, grandma’s tablecloth inspires a kitschy dress pattern, and old textiles reconstruct into hip streetwear. Common objects gain a fresh new life through the Senada vision. In homage to tradition, we incorporate a range of ethnic influences in our designs. Indian embroidery, Chinese silks, and Thai patterns transform into contemporary urban looks. We celebrate fashion history by retaining a vintage sensibility. With the right imagination, we can update a vintage look into something hip and new.

Bangkok Sales Office Strong Waves Co., Ltd: +66 2 735 1267-69

Paris Sales Office Showroom Romeo: +33 1 42 77 29 83

Australia Sales Office Paul Maloney PR/SALES Fashion Agency: +61 2 9281 1110







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Bangkok, TH

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