Scott Thaler Associates Agency Inc

Scott-Thaler Associates was founded in 1980 to present a professional, ethical, and confidential approach to the field of Executive Search / Recruitment. Since our founding, we have been establishing networks with and placing top professionals in our specialty industries of Fashion Apparel, Retail, Footwear, Accessories, Home Fashions, Gifts, Textiles, Luxury Goods, Beauty and Transportation nationwide.Scott-Thaler Associates focuses its entire recruiting effort on creating a Triple Win. This occurs when client, candidate, and recruiter work together and through their synergy, place the right person in the right position under the right circumstances. The client, candidate, and recruiter all win.To this cooperative effort, we bring . . .An extensive professional background in your industry. We understand your particular needs and the complex issues you face, so there is no need to familiarize us with your business operation.Personalized service, responsiveness, and follow through. We exercise great care in choosing our clients and committing resources, so you can be assured that you will always receive prompt attention.



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Los Angeles, CA US

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