School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago SAIC

What most distinguishes SAIC from other art and design schools is the breadth and depth of its curriculum and the freedom our students have to navigate among choices of study. There are no majors and no limits to the range of courses undergraduate students can take. Why do we encourage our students to move among forms? We realize that to say what we need to say as artists and scholars, to represent what we want to represent, we must cross between systems of thought and practice.

A commitment to experimentation is perhaps the most significant quality of SAIC’s graduate programs. One aspect of this commitment is that graduate students often cross between disciplines in their art making, designing, art historical research, critical thinking, and writing. Our advising program allows studio art and writing graduate students to choose from more than eighty advisers representing all departments, including art history and liberal arts. Graduate seminars tackle the philosophical issues of particular disciplines and confront contemporary concerns across many disciplines, allowing students to evaluate the state of the art world and the world at large.



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