Sax North Atlantic Services

Sax North Atlantic Services has been leader in the optical accessory market since 1983. The company is 100% minority owned by co-presidents Ralph Sax and Christine Sax-Stotesbery. Sax has been specializing in polarized clip-on sunglasses for the past twenty years. They have developed and continue to focus on the technology and market trends, required to offer a complete clip-on sunglass program to major retailers throughout the world. During the last two decades Sax emerged as an internationally recognized brand, and established a firm foothold and substantial market share in the optical industry. The focus of providing optical retailers different products based on seasonal and fashion trends resulted in increased sales for both the individual and major optical retailers. Sax has now expanded its product line beyond eyewear to include women, men, and childrens accessories, continuing to grow and hold a prominent place in the accessory market. The most requested products include a colorful assortment in golf bags for men and women, and a complete line of womens handbags. Sax offers a broad range of high quality accessories at competitive price points. They focus on the latest trends and needs in the fashion industry, offering products the customer desires.





432 Fairfield Avenue

Stamford, CT US

Main 203.348.3645

Fax 203.347.3675