Saskia Diez

Munich based designer Saskia Diez is a professional goldsmith, she studied Industrial Design afterwards and then came back to jewellery with this new perspective. She worked with the artist Hans-Jrg Voth, the designer Christian Haas, for the Rosenthal company and for Konstantin Grcic. Since 2005 she works on her own projects and launched her first jewellery pieces in 2006. For me, it’s not just jewellery but the way the piece works with the body. Saskia Diez has invented a very particular contemporary kind of jewellery: more related to fashion than to elaborate expensive individual items. In a sense it was a coincidence that resulted in the founding of her own jewellery label. She once absentmindedly left one of the first prototypes of her designed bracelets on the edge of a washbasin at the renowned `Ideal House, planned by Stefan Diez at the imm cologne 2006. Afterwards she was inundated with requests from people who had seen it lying there. A lot of her filigree necklaces and rings are accessories that survive the season, as they are intelligent, poetic and shrewd at the same time. If there is one attribute in her work it is to question the nature of items and materials without challenging them categorically.







Geyerstrasse 20

Munchen, DE

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