Rozae Nichols

Rozae Nichols has developed a distinct visual language that has earned her a following world wide. As designer of both her collection’s garments and the textiles from which they are made, Nichols favors hand finishing and surface detailing fashioned into a fresh and intriguing harmonious whole.

In her first collection, Nichols introduced elements that have since become her signature, including marrow-edged leathers, sheer silk pieces for layering, fused rubber seaming and extensive hand finishing.

In 1995 Nichols joined forces with South African-born Tony Graham, an industry veteran. As CEO, Graham directs sales, marketing, production and administration. Since then, their business collaboration has been a dynamic and rewarding one, doubly compatible because they share an artistic vision and business philosophy. Ethical business and labor practices are core values for the company and inform the design and manufacturing process.







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