Rosanne Pugliese

The greatest compliment is when a woman feels more beautiful and confident because she is wearing and loving my jewelryshe brings the jewelry to life.My career began about 20 years ago, in the fashion design world. The most inspiring project I worked on was designing for Calvin Klein in the mid-90’s. I often traveled throughout the Far east, and I learned the importance of choosing luxurious, sensuous materials, and how to put them to work in a gentle, yet modern, and sculptural manner.My change in direction was inspired by the first jewelry course I took at Fashion Institute of Technology, 10 years ago. I found such great pleasure in the process of making as well as designing jewelry, it was clear that I needed to follow my muse. Working from a small, independent studio fit in with having young children and so, after many more classes, and much preparation r o s a n n e p u g l i e s e was launched.The majority of the work in the collection is hand wrought in 22k gold in the workshopeven the simple, classic hoops are worked one piece at a time by hand. Malleable, soft, and organic, the gold has a gentle strength, and is best shown in the simplest of forms.Each gemstone is chosen for its unique cut, or color rather than inherent value or status.Grey Sapphires, unusual color tourmalines and opals, are cut to enhance their original form in nature, and the visible flaws are a part of their beauty.The floral world is always a great inspirationthe shape and movement present in new leaves, roots, tendrils, and vines make up the vocabulary of my collection.Thank you for your interest in the work.rosanne







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