Rome Fastener Corporation

Romag Fasteners, Inc. is an engineering company dedicated to creating innovative magnetic snaps and closures. Romag’s patented designs do not infringe any patented magnetic snaps on the market today and can be used without stickers or royalty licenses. Romag magnetic snaps are manufactured in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Wherever you manufacture - just buy Romag magnetic snaps from the nearest authorized distributor and put them right to use. Romag is continuing to develop new styles and strengths of magnetic closures. If your company would like a modification, just ask the engineers at Romag. The same goes for custom logos or finishes. Romag is happy to accommodate your specific needs. Romag is now focusing on expanding the variety of magnet closures available to the industry. New and innovative magnet snaps are being developed that will add style, fashion, and strength to the toolchest of the designer.




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