Rogers & Cowan

A good publicist is your friend - a friend to advise you, inspire you, and protect you. At Rogers& Cowan clients see us as partners helping them lead the way long into the future. In a fast-moving digital world where brand, media and message have become profoundly intertwined, harnessing the challenging connection-driven world of entertainment marketing has become one of the most powerful PR skill sets there is.

Our experienced, imaginative and carefully balanced teams integrate classic marketing disciplines with tactical and strategic entertainment know-how. We can deliver maximum media coverage and do it effectively for every client, in every sector, on every brief, and across every media platform. Thats because we take an innovative, out of the box approach to each clients needs. Just doing the obvious delivers average results. Thats not enough for us.

Whether your brand is a product, a service, or a personality, we truly listen to our clients, absorbing every detail about their makeup, markets and motivations. But most importantly we help open their minds to new publicity vistas that mesh with their core business objectives. Together we can create a dynamic and productive team environment that maximizes return on investment and helps our clients conquer the future.



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