Robert Rodriguez

Many things have influenced the life of Designer Robert Rodriguez; but it was Christian Dior that played an integral role. Growing up, Roberts mother gave him a book on Christian Dior and it was that book that became Roberts bible and doorway into the world of fashion couture. Robert Rodriguez experienced the world of beauty, desirability, exclusivity and superb craftsmanship while at Christian Dior and it was his experiences there that afforded him the luxury to launch his own brand. In October or 2003, Robert, together with business partner Nicola Guarna, created Robert Rodriguez: a sophisticated, feminine, sexy, contemporary collection for style conscience women of all ages.The Robert Rodriguez collection incorporates the principles of haute couture: focusing on fashion, quality and fit. Each season is inspired by the latest European fabrics and through that, silhouettes are determined. Hand beaded tops sewn by artisans, hand worked jackets in the latest novelty fabrics, feminine, beautiful skirts and dresses, perfectly tailored pants and luxurious cashmere sweaters: all with embellishments finely crafted to compliment the fabrics and designs are always a part of the Robert Rodriguez collection.





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