Red Dot

Kieron Hurley, ex-director of the Acid Jazz record label and co-owner of the T-shirt company Red Dot, graphic design was only an influence as a platform to rebel against. He formed Red Dot with Charlie and Peter Caplowe, creating shirts with imagery that reflect his humour, from the graphic ‘Witness Relocation Program’ shirts to the photographic image of headphones hanging around the T-shirt’s neck.

The founders have a healthy disrespect for fashion pretence, but an in-tune understanding of pop culture which explains the reason the label is worn by many DJ’s and musicians.

Some slogans are outrageously funny, some a little rude, and they certainly create a stir. This summer’s Newd York, Nuns & Moses and the shrivelled Rolling Stones tongue speak volumes to the laid-back ‘whatever’ tribe.




Streetwear, Jeans & Denim



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New York, NY US

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