Rebel Yell

Started in February 2005 by Daniel and Andi Ballard, a young brother & sister duo, Rebel Yell is inspired heavily from childhood memories growing up in Virginia. And no, the name has nothing to do with James Dean, or Billy Idol. Its a name inspired by the rowdy all-American lifestyle we grew up in back in Virginia, says Andi, the brands designer. When it comes to design she says, I want Rebel Yell to be super-fresh and easy to wear. The kind of clothing that doesn’t overpower you, but still makes you look damn good. I obsess about the fit and design details, and refuse to put out a product that Daniel and I wouldnt want to wear. Getting Rebel Yell off the ground was no easy task for the siblings. From the day we launched the line at Project in Spring 2005, the response has been overwhelming, says Andi. One of the biggest compliments we got came from a company we really respect they wanted to buy Rebel Yell before it even had a track record. We wanted our independence, so we passed. With all the love weve gotten from fashion insiders and celebrities, it makes all the risk and hard work worth it!


Womens, Mens





127 E 9th St Suite 907

Los Angeles, CA US

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