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When choosing retail technology solutions, executives look for flexible systems that support change in a reasonable time frame and price. Raymark offers retail organizations an integrated retail management solution that merges head office operations, store and POS retail systems functionality and customer loyalty into one application. Raymark’s innovative retail management solutions help retailers manage every facet of the retail process from product creation to point of sale, purchasing to distribution, and planning to replenishment.

At Raymark, we understand the vast amount of time and effort involved in a technology change. Whether your need for a system stems from outdated or increasingly obsolete systems, lack of access to pertinent information, disparate systems or global expansion, Raymark can assist you. Our retail technology solutions experts are available to assist during each phase of an implementation, from integration to system set-up and project management to hot-line support. Each member of the Raymark team is experienced in the areas of POS retail systems and retail management solutions and retail technology solutions, therefore facilitating the process of change at your organization.

In keeping with today’s global marketplace, Raymark’s Xpert-Series offers international pricing structures, accepts all global currencies and tax tables and possesses multilingual capabilities. Most importantly, Raymark provides a continuous flow of information to and from all points of business within your retail network.


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