Ray Griffiths

ustralian-born jeweler, Ray Griffiths, has been creating beautiful jewelry for nearly 30 years.With degrees from the Gemology Institute of Sydney in Gemology and Diamond Technology and a five-year apprenticeship alongside master artisans, where he honed his skills and regal flair by creating the intricate substructures for tiaras and crowns (crownwork), there are few modern jewelers who know as much as Ray does about the composition and form of some of the rarest metals, stones and gems. This knowledge and passion for design allows him to exact the best out of the materials with which he works.Drawing on inspiration from architecture and art, Rays technical excellence and skillful craftsmanship enable him to create enduring pieces.Rays work has been featured in publications including Courvoisiers Book of the Best, Elle, In Style Magazine, Jewelry Connoisseur, Martha Stewart Weddings, New York Magazine, Town and Country, American, Australian, Italian and Japanese Vogue & W.Ray Griffiths jewelry can be found in the collections of celebrities, private collectors of fine jewelry and select boutiques in the US. Private appointments are also available at the NY studio.







303 Fifth Avenue Suite 1910

New York, NY US