Raw Jewelry

From a young age I became a bit of a New Age store junkie. I loved to browse through the disarray filled with prism catching objects, potions, beads and crystals to improve health, energy and balance. I would drag my best friend into places called Herbal Healers or Chakra Centers from the time that our parents let us out on our own. Born a bit of a mystic, fascinated with things unseen, I loved the idea of fixing those typical ailments with a hint of magic.When I got older, I bought the tea for hangovers; as a postgraduate I imbibed those for continued motivation and help with creativity. My poor heart chakra must have felt bombarded after every breakup as I burnt the appropriate candle to ease the pain. I could furnish my apartment with the amount of money spent on Tarot readers who all said, “You are very stubborn. But I can rid you of this for a small fee…” My best friend was always waiting for me in a dingy living room with the reader’s child, blocking herself from any youthful subversive mind reading techniques. I, nor anyone else, took me seriously, and eventually my interest waned.It wasn’t until when I moved to Italy and found an Italian version of a New Age store that I took my fascination to another level. Of course they dealt more with remedies to cure problems with La Mamma, indigestion and the liver (an organ they all seem to site for ailments). But on the left side of the store they displayed the stones used for crystal healing - a concept I was familiar with via childhood forays to my favorite stores. Normally the stones are soft, smooth and polished, ready to open all chakras and balance what life has made askew.But these stones, meant to be placed on the person in dark places like pockets or purses, were truly beautiful. Their imperfections, inclusions, roughness and cuts that caught the light in multiple angles, made me wonder whether or not a pocket could do them justice.I decided that a ring would be more suitable for these kinds of stones. The rings could have all the supposed qualities attributed to them, yet adorn the wearer with a touch of glamour and beauty. So, as the flash of an amethyst cocktail ring enters the room, so might a feeling of purity and balance fill the bodyThat’s the idea.The Rings All of Raw Rings contain untreated gemstones. The stones have not been enhanced, dyed heated, gamma radiated, lasered or infilled. In order to keep a traditional aspect for everyday use, they have been cut into three shapes: octagon, round and oval. The dimensions of the octagon are 17mm, the round are 16mm, and the oval 19x15mm. No stone will be alike. For example, one carnelian will come solid without inclusions or design and some might look more transparent with almost branch like veins running through the stone. We are offering what nature has given, which is imperfect and a reflection of the natural formation of gemstones. We will attempt to match each stone as closely as we can from what is displayed on the website, but there is no guarantee. The guarantee is that your stone will be beautiful and unique to its wearer.A close friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. She had a mastectomy and reconstruction but is well and in this world. She wears a Raw Jewelry round Topaz. From afar it looks perfect, cut to catch the light, almost looking like a large diamond. But in the middle there is a natural scar that reflects a rainbow in certain light. When people ask her why the imperfection is there she says, “It has a scar, just like me.”







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