QST Industries

QST has operations in more than 32 countries worldwide. QST continues to live up to our dedication to being “everywhere apparel is manufactured”. Our presence in the world’s manufacturing centers is becoming more important everyday as the apparel markets are becoming “Americanized” and manufacturers are in need of local access to U.S. styled trim components.

As QST enters the new millennium, we are uniquely positioned to serve the apparel industry on a global basis. With the establishment of our “Global Sourcing & Distribution Program”, we can serve customer needs anywhere in the world with a guarantee of product integrity and uniformity; products from Ban-Rol to bridal tape, shoulder pads to sleeve wigans, and waistband curtains to kitchen curtains.


Children, Womens, Mens


Interlinings, Knitted, Notions, Notions, Woven, Knitted




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