Psny By P-Sling New York

P-sling is not an item of convenience for parenting: Psny considers fostering close relationships between parents and babies as its highest priority. That’s why you should take some time to learn how to use the sling properly and practice with it. Psny suggests a gradual learning period so you may better connect with your baby. That is, they would like you to use their P-sling as a communication tool with your baby before he/she even speaks.

P-sling is not a baby carrier: They consider P-sling not as an item for carrying baby, but more as flexible clothing for wearing baby. They designed their slings to become much more comfortable and functional than any other slings on the market, but this is not their final goal. Psny designs slings to become fashion items. That’s why they care about styles and trends, and offer new collections each season.


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New York, NY US

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