The Peruvian Export Promotion Agency - PROMPEX was created by Legislative Decree 805 dated April 3, 1996. Its goal is to conduct the commercial promotion activities of exports of Peruvian goods and services abroad.


PROMPEX is the Peruvian export promotion agency integrated to a foreign trade dynamic system leading a network of institutions related to the promotion and development of Peruvian exports.

It efficiently execute actions towards the generation of a competitive, diversified and with value added offer, runs the development of international markets with a forward-looking approach, being supported by a competitive businessmen with technique-based labor and a high export-oriented culture.


To act as an implementing agency of the export promotion policies in accordance with the Exporting National Strategic Plan - PENX, promoting exports through exportable offer development tools, opening of international markets and business management support actions, coordinating both the public and private sector initiatives to achieve a competitive exporting country and contributing to the generation of jobs.



Limassol, CY

Toll Free 511.222.1222