Project E

Since Michael and Gina Hecht founded Atlanta-based Project E ten years ago, the company has evolved from being a small mom and pop T-shirt operation into a hugely successful line of fashion forward knit tops. With nothing more than $5000, solid retail backgrounds, and a lot of drive, the husband and wife team began manufacturing and selling basic screen printed shirts.

Basic shirts only got them so far though, and it didn’t take the couple long to realize that women desired a more flattering fit than a standard men’s tee. So they refocused their efforts, took the company in a savvier direction, and found their niche in the young contemporary market.

Project E has now become a favorite among fashionistas, stylists, and celebrities. The stylish tops frequently appear in national magazines, popular sitcoms, movies, award shows, music videos, and on rock stars.

Project E is a true fashion pioneer. Back in 1997, they first popularized kitschy Middle America on their campy Vintage Americana line. The timeless, if not hokey, designs are inspired from billboards, restaurants, stores, and signs. Mike refers to the line as the company’s “bread and butter”.

By combining hot elements with witty logos and original designs, Project E is always introducing new lines to consistently provide their customers with the most cutting edge look.

Michael manages the sales and finance, while Gina heads the creative design and development team. Meticulous about fit, Project E strives to produce innovative, body-conscious, flattering tops. “We want to create that old, favorite, soft, comfortable shirt that you throw on,” comments Hecht. “ As long as we can continue to design a line of tops and influence a trend, then that is a huge payoff for the months of design and production. It’s a great feeling,” says Hecht. “We still get a kick our of seeing someone wearing our shirts. While the sales are great, we are driven by acceptance and validation- just knowing that you have created something that someone likes and wants to wear.”




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743 N.East Lambert Drive

Atlanta, GA US

Main 800.218.9069

Fax 404.347.9354


743 N.East Lambert Drive

Atlanta, GA US

Main 800.218.9069

Fax 404.347.9354